Aceh is among Indonesia's poorest provinces. The majority of the region's population (77 percent) lives in rural areas, where almost one-third of households live below the poverty line. The impact of poverty is particularly seen in children suffering from acute and chronic malnutrition. While school enrollment rates are high for both boys and girls, as are literacy rates, school dropouts stand at a worrying 31 percent. Youth unemployment is high.

Maternal mortality is also high, and often linked to anemia and infectious diseases. Some three decades of conflict eroded the region's governance structure and economic growth. The devastating earthquake and tsunami of December 2004 created massive challenges in reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery, and while many of these challenges have been met successfully, they have created strong pressures on planning and budgeting capacities at the local level.

Women continue to face obstacles and a dearth of opportunities, including a lack of fundamental protections against gender-based violence (which remains underreported owing in part to cultural taboos in publicly expressing grievances in the area of "family matters"). In dealing with cases of violence against women, especially at the village level, the formal justice system is frequently bypassed.

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UN Support

UN Support

To help address development challenges and to sustain the gains made in the years since the 2004 tsunami, the UN is pursuing longer-term initiatives in the following areas: poverty reduction, access to justice, peacebuilding, disaster risk reduction; social services delivery for education, health and water, sanitation and waste management. Emphasis is being placed on local government capacity-building, multi-stakeholder dialogue and piloting of innovative programmes on governance and recovery.

One example of the work of UN agencies in Aceh is UNDP's Aceh Government Transformation Programme. The programme strengthens the provincial government's capacity to ensure that it can efficiently assume the responsibilities, functions, resources and assets it has inherited from the Agency for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Aceh and Nias (BRR).

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Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)

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